The WW Homestead Dairy Story


WW Homestead Dairy is comprised of individuals with varied strenghs and talents with one passion: producing and distributing the ultimate dairy products to the customer.

The dairy is owned by three individuals with a strong history in the dairy farming industry; Tom Walleser, Tom Weighner, and Paul Weighner. Bruce Snitker is the plant manager.

WW Homestead Dairy is nestled in the town of Waukon, Iowa. This community is rich in history and surrounded by fertile farm land. Not only does the creamery offer its customers the freshest products with extraordinary flavors but, tours are available and the public is encouraged to watch how products are produced. A hallway with large viewing windows allows customers to see the hard work, effort, and quality that goes into making their cream-line milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter. Be sure to stop by WW Homestead Dairy the next time you're in the area and sample our hometown goodness. If you would like a tour be sure to call ahead. We're so convinced you'll love our dairy products that we'll bet the farm on it!


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                        The WW Homestead Dairy List of Goodness

The finest dairy products produced in your own back yard.


  • Cream-Line Milk (non-homogenized)
  • Locally Produced and Processed
  • rBST/Growth Hormone Free
  • All Natural
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Unbeatable Flavor
  • Never Over Processed
  • Never Mass Produced
  • Multi-Generation Farms
  • High Standards of Excellence and Quality Control

At WW Homestead Dairy we produce cream-line milk or non-homogenized milk. Our milk comes straight from the two local farms outside of Waukon & Lansing, Iowa to our creamery, so on every other day pick up our milk is never more than two days old when it makes the trip. This helps us to provide a higher quality fresher product to you!

Besides our milk we also produce over 30+ flavors of delicious premium ice cream, with more flavors being developed every season. All of our ice cream is made from the farm fresh, cream-line milk that we process at our creamery and care goes into making sure each recipe is made with top quality ingredients. We are currently trying to source more natural ingredients for our ice cream. Our mix is high fructose corn syrup free and currently we have 5 all natural ice cream flavors!

Our cheese curds and block cheese are made by Bruce Snitker, the creamery manager. Bruce holds a Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s License and is very conscientious and attentive to details when it comes to making the best cheese possible. Our customers love the fresh squeaky cheese curds that are made almost daily! We also produce various types of cheddar cheese in blocks and we are sure that will be just as tasty and popular as our curds.

Our farm fresh butter is churned weekly (when cream supplies allow) and is as rich and creamy as any you will find. It is also great for baking and cooking.


Our Cows

All of our young stock and dry cows are on large pastures. The milking cows are housed in a free stall barn that is bedded with deep sand, which is very comfortable for them. They also have sprinklers and fans to keep them cool during the summer months, and large curtains we can pull up on days when it's cold and windy.

We grow all of our own feed on our crop ground. The cows are fed a TMR (total mixed ration) diet, which is high in haylage that we produce ourselves, some grain, minerals, & vitamins. We are not certified organic, but our cows recieve no rBST or hormones and we strongly believe in raising our cattle as naturally as possible. We do not use any antibiotics in the feed ration and try to use very few antibiotics. If one of the cows gets very sick we will treat her with an appropriate antibiotic, then she is out of the milking herd until she is completely recovered and has been tested negative for antibiotics. We have cows that are 10-15 years old and quite a few of them stay with us for 7-10 years. Our cows comfort and well being is our top priority. Our herdsperson (who is a daughter of one of the owners!) takes care of the cows/calves and comfort and overall natural health of her cows is her passion !! If you would ever like to visit our cows during the summer months, just give us a call and set up a tour. We can also show you are processing plant, so you can see right where our products are made. We take pride in offering an all natural, high quality, locally produced line of dairy products to our community.


What is homogenization?

Homogenization is a process where milk is forced through a screen, at very high pressure, to break up the fat particles and creates a uniform product. Milk in its natural state will resemble an oil-water mixture; cream will always rise to the top. Homogenization changes the structure of milk & leaves the cream in suspension.  Homogenization does not provide any nutritional benefits, but is a convenience to consumers since it does not have to be shaken repeatedly. Our milk comes to you the same way it leaves the cow, the way milk used to be!


What is pasteurization?

Pasteurization is the process milk goes through to eliminate micro pathogens and harmful bacteria. At WW Homestead Dairy, we pasteurize our milk by heating it up to 161 degrees for 15 seconds and then cool it back down to 45 degrees immediately following. The benefit of this type of pasteurization is that it destroys bacteria that are harmful to health, but keeps our product as fresh tasting and flavorful as possible.


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“Anna” the Cow

In June of 2012 WW Homestead Dairy decided to do something special to celebrate June Dairy Month and our 1 year anniversary. “Anna” was painted by Valerie Miller of the Steel Cow Gallery. Stop by to take your picture with her!

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